Wise-Domes (EARTH) Original Snap-back

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What`s Your History?

One of the oldest recorded written languages in the history of Human Civilization is Old Persian Cuneiform.

          The first collection of our: What’s Your HISTORY? line features this very ancient language. The Achaemenian KINGS left a vast number of inscriptions dating as far back as 600BC.The inspiration for our first featured Wise-Dome series is taken from these inscriptions.

          In Persian tradition, many celebrations are centered around the rich patternistic and symbolic beauty/movement found in EARTH.

       The Persian New Year “Nowruz” is the day of the vernal equinox and marks the beginning of spring. The very moment the sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night & day. This is a 3000 year old celebration revolving around the majesty of EARTH.

          This love and appreciation for EARTH contributed to some of the earliest forms of art expression, birthing ravishing gardens, resplendent structures, and timeless works of art.



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