Wise-Domes (KING) Original Snap-back

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What`s Your History?

One of the oldest recorded written languages in the history of Human Civilization is Old Persian Cuneiform.

          The first collection of our: What’s Your HISTORY? line features this very ancient language. The Achaemenian KINGS left a vast number of inscriptions dating as far back as 600 BC. The inspiration for our first featured Wise-Dome series is largely based on 2 KINGS:

KING Cyrus the Great -well recognized for his accomplishments in human rights and politics and he has influenced both Eastern and Western civilizations. The world famous Cyrus Cylinder is identified as the oldest known declaration of human rights.

KING Darius the Great - gave structure to government based on geographic locations and population. It was thanks to KING Darius the Great that today we are able to translate the cuneiform script, which had become even more unknown than the Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Both Kings although conquerors, attributed a large degree of their expansive success in to respecting the customs&religions of the lands they conquered. For this grace, they are commonly referred to as:“KING of Kings”.

~Being a KING is not just about Power and Control but taking heed of our Social Responsibilities to our fellow brothers and sisters..~


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