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What`s Your History?

One of the oldest recorded, written languages, in the history of Human Civilization is Old Persian Cuneiform. 



The first collection of our: What’s Your HISTORY? Line features this very ancient language. The Achaemenian KINGS left a vast number of inscriptions dating as far back as 600 BC. These inscriptions reflect the values and traditions of the Persians. 



During a time when Monarchy was generally the law of the land, one of the most notable customs of the Persian Kings was a basic acknowledgment of Human Rights. It was primarily in this way the Persian Empire became of the largest “COUNTRIES’ with separate and sovereign provinces. Under the mandates of the Persians, the peoples of any land that became part of the Persian Empire maintained their freedom and the right to worship and practice as they chose. 



This acknowledgment of differences, but focus on unity is a defining principle of COUNTRY, in both the west and the east today. Many of these writings, transformed and other empires, religions, and civilizations started influencing it in their own ways. 





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